What’s a good movie that i can rent?

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  1. m-dope answered: the strangers
  2. ifabylous answered: 500 days of summer <3
  3. pishymeow answered: Drive
  4. r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d answered: our idiot brother
  5. itrustyouineveryway said: And… “Breakfast on Pluto”
  6. itrustyouineveryway answered: Trainspotting :DD
  7. smells-like-butterflies answered: she’s the man
  8. viper-shy answered: the last song
  9. floral-ink answered: the sitter. just watched it.
  10. painted-rain answered: love & basketball
  11. gizzzy07 answered: keith
  12. fab-u-los answered: real steel :D
  13. onfreeparking answered: thumbsucker
  14. oh-strange-magic answered: BRIDEMAIDS
  15. repell0muggletum answered: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  16. br0wneyedbabe answered: extremely loud and incredibly close
  17. abs0lutelyradical answered: Mean Girls ;)
  18. ikilledyourgirlfriend answered: Young Adult <3
  19. lalaahbee answered: One Day<3
  20. sarakellymay answered: Precious.
  21. wwrongwworld answered: Martha Marcy May Marlene if it’s out
  22. sacrrilege answered: the wave :)
  23. kitkatbythesea answered: It’s a boy girl thing, it’s on netflix too
  24. dreamar1e answered: any Tim burton movie!
  25. chronicles-of-barnia answered: Can’t go wrong with an 80s classic!
  26. iits-a-giirl-thiing answered: sweet home Alabama <3
  27. imabrownbro answered: crazy stupid love
  28. this-andnothingmore answered: gone baby gone :)
  29. 5trangeandbeautiful answered: my assshole
  30. spywhy answered: Across the universe
  31. voiceswith-nothingtosay-msfm answered: Devil Inside (:
  32. aquariusdays answered: The Producers
  33. kiss--coyle answered: kaboom
  34. alien-braces answered: sucker punch?
  35. oblivy answered: brick
  36. flickering-cities answered: How to lose a guy in 10 days. errr John tucker must die… :)
  37. musicisthespeechofangels answered: crazy, stupid, love ?! incredible
  38. pradamiu said: Gia. Absolutely amazing. and has angelina jolie starring !
  39. slapped-bylife answered: The Notebook <3
  40. mrandmrsbipolar answered: The Wave. It’s on Netflix and in German but worth the watch
  41. trxnquillity answered: Thirteen, the last song, the notebook, it’s kind of a funny story!!! the art of getting by,dear john, ? idk what stuff do you like?
  42. madisontdaw answered: the breakfast club. you will luhgit pee your pants(:
  43. silenceis-serene answered: Melancholia, Sybil, The Machinist…ummm Hereafter. to name a few :)
  44. opalite-light answered: cruel intensions
  45. renderingoftheego answered: happiness, clue, me you and everyone we know. just to name a few.
  46. dengay answered: 'a town called panic' its on netflix if you have that c;
  47. breathtaking-bisous answered: Flipped :) Its really cute :P
  48. sotiffany answered: Pretty Woman. Classic.
  49. idc-actually said: Tangled…