having a problem you literally cant talk to anyone about


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I feel like you constantly have to prove why you deserve to continue to exist. - Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend  (via kiddings)

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Things are kinda difficult right now. And i’m tired of pretending they’re not.

No, fuck you. I was worth it. - and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via hefuckin)

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Cigarettes didn’t phase me, cuts didn’t scare me, drugs didn’t need me but god I went an hour without you and I finally realized what addiction was like - addiction (via pillsand-coffee)

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can I stay in bed until 2025

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*loses 5 lbs* I don’t see a difference

*gaines 0.003 lbs* Why did I let myself go

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It scares me sometimes, the emptiness I see in my eyes. - The Wonder Years  (via disorder)

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